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Snore treatment

At Impladent Medical & Dental Clinic we offer:

  • a team of medical specialists
  • diagnosis of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea
  • assessment of the respiratory tract and skeleton with the use of volumetric tomography
  • sleep analysis with the use of a smartphone application
  • orthodontic and prosthetic occlusal analysis – missing teeth and abrasion can significantly worsen snoring
  • an individual treatment plan which includes elimination of the causes of snoring
  • non-invasive NightLase laser treatment to enhance throat tissue tone

We have to keep in mind that only a correct diagnosis will enable us to choose effective treatment with the use of appropriate therapeutic methods.

NightLase is a fast and non-invasive method to improve sleep quality. The use of laser reduces apnea and snoring amplitude. The procedure does not require any anaesthetic. The laser light heats up the tissue, causing collagen contraction and thus stiffening of the tissue, which in turn reduces the vibration of the soft parts of the palate, including the uvula, and minimises the apnea. The complete procedure consists of three separate treatments performed over a period of several weeks, and the results last up to one year.

Snoring is a common phenomenon and it can affect up to 30% of the population. Snoring is the vibration of the uvula and soft palate during sleep, usually during the inhalation phase. Some people who snore suffer from sleep apnea syndrome, which is a group of symptoms caused by temporary cessation of lung ventilation. Individuals affected by the disease may have hundreds of such episodes per night. This is a serious, potentially life-threatening syndrome. Sleep apnea consists of repeated limitation of airflow during sleep. This is due to the falling of flaccid tissue of the airway section in the throat, which causes loud snoring, temporary awakening, hypoxia and increased blood pressure. Thousands of patients with sleep apnea syndrome suffer from increased daytime sleepiness, headaches and hypertension. There is growing evidence that chronic sleep apnea increases susceptibility to disease (hypertension, arrhythmia, diabetes) and mortality rates. Persons suffering from sleep apnea experience problems with concentration, they are nervous, fall asleep during the day, have problems with potency. Sleep apnea can cause accidents at work and on the road.

Sleep apnea is relatively unknown, so far in Poland only about 10% of men and below 1% of women suffering from it have been correctly diagnosed. It is estimated that about 4% of men and 2% of women require medical intervention due to OSA.

Causes of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea may be numerous. Obesity, anatomical obstacles (e.g. nasal septum deviation), allergic swelling, weakness and flaccidity of the soft palate and throat, anatomical setting of the maxillofacial mass and malocclusions (distal occlusions), missing teeth causing the mandible to collapse during sleep and blocking the throat with the tongue during sleep.
So, many potential causes of snoring and OSA make proper diagnosis and treatment by a single specialist impossible. OSA can be diagnosed after comparing the medical history with the sleep test results. However, there are few clinics with specialist equipment and qualified medical personnel. Snoring and OSA treatment is provided by laryngologists, general practitioners, pulmonologists, maxillofacial surgeons, and dentists.
Currently used therapies:

  • non-invasive NightLase laser procedure – Yag-Erb tissue tone enhancement
  • ENT correction of the throat or nose (laser or classic one)
  • use of CPAP (a device that ensures constant positive airway pressure during sleep)
  • use of MAD (madibular advancement device)
  • surgical osteotomy with mandibular or maxillofacial mass advancement
  • prosthetic bite reconstruction on teeth or implants to determine the correct position of the mandible
  • weight loss, alcohol abstinence

At Impladent Medical & Dental Clinic we offer you a new, comprehensive therapy consisting of:


The service comprises taking the patient’s medical history and physical examination as well as assessing the width of respiratory tract and jaw anatomy through volumetric tomography. We suggest installing a smartphone application for sleep analysis. If necessary, the patient is consulted with other medical specialists and an individual treatment plan is established, which includes the elimination of potential causes of snoring.

It combines different therapies, depending on the potential causes identified in the patient:

  • NighLase laser therapy to increase throat tissue tone,
  • laser uvulopharyngoplasty,
  • orthodontic treatment,
  • orthognathic surgery,
  • implantology,
  • prosthetic treatment,
  • dental treatment.

Only a correct diagnosis allows for effective treatment with combined therapeutic methods to eliminate potential causes of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea.

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