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Impladent Medical & Dental Clinic
led by
Adam Ziemlewski, PhD, DDS

  • 20 years

    of experience

  • 4

    exceptional medical specialists

  • hundreds

    of completed aesthetic medicine treatments

  • countless

    amount of natural beauty we brought out

Impladent Medical & Dental Clinic is one of the largest cutting edge medical and dental centres in Poland. The established position of a leader in the dental industry allowed the Clinic to expand its offer to include aesthetic medicine, dermatology and snoring treatment.

Our Clinic is equipped with an operating theatre with patient rooms as well as treatment rooms with the state-of-the-art equipment from renowned companies. Our experienced team of medical specialists, nurses, assistants and receptionists will arrange and supervise your treatment to ensure top quality service.

Impladent Medical & Dental Clinic is one of the few clinics in Poland to offer the widest range of rejuvenating treatments, as it owns 3 premium class Fotona lasers.

Aesthetic medicine treatments in Impladent Gdansk

Every one of us dreams about having healthy, radiant and rejuvenated skin, especially if we struggle with imperfections or various skin problems. At Impladent, we offer a number of professional aesthetic medicine treatments to help you achieve beautiful and nourished skin at almost any age.

Every day our team of cosmetology experts uses top-class equipment for specialist medical treatments. Impladent is a special place where you can expect excellent aesthetic medicine treatments provided to the highest industry standards. If you wish to improve your face or body skin condition, our experts are able to restore not only good appearance, but above all self-confidence and well-being.

Aesthetic medicine treatments at Impladent are completely safe, and after most of them you can almost immediately return to your standard daily activities.

You are welcome to consult us and begin therapy in the fight against imperfections.

It’s worth believing that “Beauty is within you”.

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Our greatest assets

Top-class, modern aesthetic medicine and dermatology in beautiful interiors.

  • Clinic

    Comprehensive services: surgeries, operating theatre with patient rooms.

  • Safety

    Your beauty is important to us, but your health is our top priority.

  • Equipment

    State-of-the-art equipment of renowned companies to bring out the natural beauty in a professional and efficient manner.

  • Professionalism

    Guaranteed high quality of services.

  • Specialists

    Top experts in Tri-City in a single Clinic.

Welcome to our Clinic!

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