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Platelet-rich plasma

Skin revitalisation and hydration, a treatment that stimulates the processes of tissue and scar regeneration, and improves hair quality.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) has been used in medicine (e.g. surgery, orthopaedics, ophthalmology) for over 30 years. It is a platelet concentrate in a small volume of plasma, taken from the patient undergoing the procedure, containing substances that stimulate the repair process – growth factors. They are important for skin revitalisation and rejuvenation. The procedure consists of several stages and it is not painful (anaesthetic cream is applied). The aim is to rejuvenate the skin or prevent the occurrence of wrinkles on the face, neck, cleavage and hand area. PRP is also used in the scalp area to improve hair density and quality, stop hair loss and stimulate hair regrowth.

Any questions?

1/ How long does a treatment last?
The treatment lasts about 45 minutes.

2/ Do I have to prepare for the procedure? If so, in what way?
It is not necessary to use anaesthesia.

3/ Are there any contraindications to the procedure, and if so, what are they?

  • pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • active bacterial and viral skin infections
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • coagulation disorders
  • autoimmune diseases
  • taking antithrombotic medications
  • cancer

4/ Will I feel any discomfort or pain during the procedure?
Patients may experience slight pain, sometimes burning sensation.

5/ Is the procedure performed under local anaesthesia? If so, what substance is used (is it allergenic)?
Yes, we use Emla anaesthetic for this procedure. There is practically no possibility of allergy.

6/ Is it a kind of treatment to use before special occasions, i.e. immediately afterwards the skin is not irritated and looks very good?
Immediately after the treatment slight bruises or bleeding may occur.

7/ Is the skin irritated/red/swollen immediately after the treatment? If so, when do these symptoms disappear?
Slight swelling in the form of puffiness, redness or spot bleeding may occur; the symptoms disappear within a few days.

8/ Can I go to work the next day after the procedure?
Yes, you can go to work the next day, but sometimes you have to apply heavier make up.

9/ Can I use my usual skincare products (cleanser, creams, masks) after the treatment, or is any special care required?
Yes, you can, at the beginning, however, it is better to use preparations that accelerate the skin regeneration process recommended in the surgery.

10/ Is it possible to apply make-up immediately after the procedure?
Yes, there are no contraindications.

11/ Can the procedure be performed in the summer? Is there a risk of discoloration after being exposed to the sun?
Yes; in the summer you must always use UVR protection; the treatment itself does not increase the risk of discoloration.

12/ Does the skin require high sunscreen protection after the treatment, i.e. use creams with high SPF?
As above.

13/ Is one treatment enough to achieve the effect, or is a series necessary?
After the first treatment, we do not yet see completely satisfactory effects of the treatment; it is best to undergo from 4 to 6 treatments.

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